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How We Used Email & Made $19k In 4 Days Without A HUGE LIST…”

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☑️ What We're Doing

  •  We're building an email list AND turning it into $$$ using the exact strategies we use in our businesses and with our private clients.
  • We're building an automated system to bring constant leads (and sales) into your online business, so you never have to worry about the whims of Facebook, Tiktok, or any other online platform ever again.

☑️ How We're Doing It

  •  Over the course of the next 4 weeks, you'll have access to us via the live group calls as well as unlimited life time access to the training materials included with the program.
  •  If you sign up, before the timer expires, you'll also get access to the Email Writing Workshop, The FastTrack List Building Workshop, Plug and Play Templates, Headline Swipe Files AND all of the bonuses. All of which you get to keep and use forever.

☑️ The Requirements

  •  A Computer, A Solid Internet Connection and Ideally  an existing ecommerce brand or website (although you can absolutely use this process, if you're just getting started)
  •  3-4 Hours Per Week To Learn and Implement (An Hour per week over the next 4 weeks to meet with in the LIVE group calls and another 2-3 hours to IMPLEMENT what you're learning into your business)
  • Commitment: More than anything else, you need to be COMMITTED to implementing this process into your business. All of the training, templates, case studies, and coaching calls in the world won't help you build an email list OR turn it into sales, if you don't commit AND implement.

☑️ Important Disclaimers:

Here's the deal.

According to a variety of studies (like the ones we talk about in this class), building an email list the right way can be one of the single biggest drivers of revenue for your business.

That being said, in business (just like in life) there are no guarantees.

 All the information and examples we're sharing in this webclass are from our personal experiences over the last 19+ years and obviously we are not guaranteeing that you'll see any results.

With that in mind, we are more than happy to share with the exact things that we are doing with a wide variety of clients and in a wide variety of niches for free.

☑️ Start Date

Class Starts On Monday!

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☑️ The Investment

If you were to buy this course and all of the bonuses that are included it would cost more than $7,000 ($7,588 if you want to get specific about it). Heck the Email Marketing Accelerator Course (By itself) is typically $997.

Not to mention just ONE of the sets of templates that you get when you'll sign up has generated $35,701 for just 3 of our private clients over the last 30 days...

HOWEVER, because we are testing this combination of live calls along with the course itself AND we know the difference that building an email list the right way can make for a business, if you join us before the timer expires, you can get EVERYTHING for just $497.

Plus....we know that once you get in, go through the material, implement this stuff in your business and see the difference it makes, there's also a good chance you'll come back to us, when you're ready to be one of our private clients or jump into some of the other offers we have.

Bonus #1: The Profit Push Promo Week

In addition to getting lifetime access to the Email Accelerator course, you're going to get access to the BRAND NEW Week #4 of the training. 

Inside you're going create your first Profit Push Promo and be able to make sales in 6 Days Or Less.
To help you with this, you're going to get the EXACT templates we have used to generate more than $30k for 3 of our private clients in the last 30 days.

PLUS, we're going to show you the process we use to automate it, to ensure all of your NEW email subscribers turn into buyers as fast as possible.

In the past, the ONLY way to get access to these templates, was to be a private client of ours (which costs several thousand dollar), but we're going to include these AND teach you how to implement them, when you join today.

Even if this training was the only thing you got, it would be well worth the investment...but it's an absolute no-brainer when you combine it with everything else you're getting.

Value: $3,500

Bonus #2: 4 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

All the templates and training in the world is nice, but some times there's just nothing better than being able to talk strategy or ask a question you have to someone who's already been where you are, so we decided to include 4 LIVE Group Strategy Calls, in addition to all of the other things you're getting.
I'll just be brutally honest, to get either of us on the phone right now to talk strategy costs $500 PER Call (and we do a ton of them, every week).

We have SEEN how valuable these calls are for people and know how being able to ask just ONE burning question can change your business and we KNEW, we had to include of few of these to help make sure you can implement everything you're going to be learning.

Value: $2,000

Bonus #3: Email List Building FastTrack Workshop

The Email Accelerator program is all about helping you get emails SENT and money coming back into your business. 

While we did include a good bit of material on how to BUILD your email list, we know that for some people it's all about SPEED.
This workshop is designed to teach you the ENTIRE list building side of the email equation in just a few hours (about 2.5 hours to be more exact).

Typically this sells for $197 on its own, but we wanted to include it for you, to help make sure NOTHING held you back from building or growing your list.

Value: $197

Bonus #4: The Email Writing Workshop

We know that one of the biggest struggles for people comes when it actually comes time to sit down and WRITE an email to send to their list.

You can have all the email addresses in the world, but if you don't ever send them anything, they don't do you any good.
In this three hour workshop you'll learn not only the 3 key things you must do to write emails that ACTUALLY lead to sales, but you'll get access to countless examples you can use to bust through writers block and get your emails turning into $.

Just like the FastTrack Workshop, this typically sells for $197, but is included for free...if you join us today.

Value: $197

Bonus #5

Even WITH the email writing workshop giving you all the tips you need to write emails that turn into sales, sometimes you just don't have time to sit down and work through the process.

Because of that we included full access to our Hook, Subject Lines, & Email Swipe Vault.
If you're struggling with a subject line or just REALLY need to send an email today and you're at the end of your "creative rope", the vault is here with fill in the blank templates and ready to go subject lines that we've PERSONALLY used in the past.

Value: $197

Bonus #6: 60 Days Access To Private BCA Group

In addition to the group coaching sessions we talked about before, we know how helpful it can be to surround yourself with likeminded people, so we decided to give you 60 days access to the Brand Creators Academy Private Group and Additional Trainings. 
Not only do you get 4 Addiontal office hours calls, hot seat access (just ask inside the group), but you get access to a true MASTERMIND of other people building out their email lists, online brands, and all the same challenges you are right now.

Right now, it's NOT possible to join this group any other way (enrollment is completly closed to the public), but when you join now, you'll get free access for 60 Days (and the chance to stay a member after that).

Value: $500

Enroll before the timer hits zero to save your spot...

Plus, Get 4 Weeks of Live Group Coaching for FREE!